Pink Rose and the eco-tales


AUTORE: Annunziata Candia
TITOLO: Pink Rose and the eco-tales
COLLANA: Artemide
GENERE: Eco favole; natura-ambiente; inquinamento ambientale.
ISBN-13: 9791281201811
PREZZO: 13,50


When I turned my thoughts to writing fairy tales, I was well aware that the interlocutors would not only be children. Storytelling does not begin the moment we tell, but finds its deepest roots in a time long ago when we indulged in listening to tales, the moral of which was received by young and old alike as a directive for action suggested by the very order of the Cosmos.

Fairy tales evoke feelings and fantasies buried in the collective unconscious. They are rich with symbols inherent to the human nature which, in order to evolve, must necessarily move from the sensible world of which it is a part; that same world on which we have raged, with disastrous consequences, as the recent pandemic teaches us.

Adults and children today have to come to terms with a natural and human environment that is deeply wounded in their hearts. By placing themselves in the great context of storytelling, tales can contribute to that educational task that leads to the sublimation of the social ego.

The events narrated in this volume are intended to harmonise environmental issues with the fervent imagination that, taking us by the hand, leads us to re-establish the balance between the material and the human nature.

The narration is preceded and intertwined with a dialogue between the narrator and the interlocutor who, with the candour and wonder of a child, chimes in with questions and curiosity. Keep wondering, keep being amazed, and never give up! Happy reading!



Annunziata Candia was born in Taranto. She lives between Rome, Puglia and Torino to be closer to her loved ones. She graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Bari. As someone sensitive to environmental issues, she loves to paint and to express her emotions in prose and verse.

She published the books of poetry:

  • “Ad sidera”
  • “The world that inhabits me”
  • “Video-poems: Hafez Haidar reads Annunziata Candia”.
  • “Fragmenta”

She has received numerous international awards:

  • Finalist in the “Il Federiciano” International Prize
  • Finalist in the ‘Archaist’ International Painting and Writing Prize

Honourable Mentions:

  • “The Verse Bench”
  • “The Tiburtine”
  • “Between a flower picked and another given” (love poems).
  • Candidated for the “Strega Prize”
  • Candidated for the “Campiello Prize”



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