Without a mother’s love


AUTORE: Giovanni Battista Savona
TITOLO: Without a mother’s love
ISBN-13: 979-1281201385
PREZZO: 16,00


Through his studies on bioenergy, which have contributed to the awareness inherent in each of us since birth, Giovanni Battista Savona offers us an explanation of his autobiographical path, full of obstacles that could have irreparably undermined his psychological aspects. It is an experience which, on the other hand, led him to true awareness, thanks to his own will which interacted with the surrounding energies, even if it was not fully understood, during the violence he suffered in his childhood and adolescence. Before facing and discovering bioenergy, these perceived influences could only cause fear, in fact he instinctively tried to reject them, without realizing that in the future it would be inevitable to face them. In this book you cannot help but feel emotions of profound discomfort in reading the events of the author’s life and to sympathize with his inner malaise, but, at the same time, you will understand how this positive inner strength, with the firm will to creating something clean for the future, can be reduced to keeping resolutions firm despite the adversities that could make any human being succumb and that we can all meet on our life path. The author does not introduce himself with false moralism or hypocritical behavioral or psychological invitations, but conveys the true essence of his thought with the facts that really happened to him, his pains and his revenges, to instill a pure energy that explodes in very last pages of this interesting reading, like a real rebirth that we all deserve.


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