Karina Wilhelmi

Karina Wilhelmi (23 November 1965 – 9 July 2021) was born in Poznań (Poland) where she lived until her untimely death. She holds a master’s degree in Polish and classical philology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and worked for many years as a journalist at the public television station TVP3 in Poznań.

Her passion for sailing enabled her to create and write extraordinary travel memories.

She took part in the famous Millenium Regatta departing from Cadiz to Bermuda and then cruised across the Atlantic to the USA, Canada and, on the way back, to the UK, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. She sailed several times in the Mediterranean, visiting many countries.

She was also the niece of a famous Polish actor, who died a few years ago, and this allowed her to have frequent contacts and to move freely in the world of acting. For many years she cooperated with the Poznan theatre “Stage Upstairs” and received the Silver Stage Laurel award for “Great Heart, Talent and Activity”. Her son graduated from the Higher School of Music, he plays the violin in a symphony orchestra and organizes baroque music concerts.

During the course of her work she received several awards, including:

    • Tele Express’ TV show for the best editing of texts

    • TVP Programme Council Award for the best historical news story on the Katyn tragedy, for which she had recently received an invitation to participate as a guest of honour in the commemoration to be held this autumn at the Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw.

    • Public award for her press reports on social issues

    • First prize of the National Awards

    • Revision and Journalism Competition Award for TVP S.A. regional programmes and for the cultural and historical news story on one of the most important Polish music composers: Feliks Nowowiejski.

    • TVP Prize for a news story entitled “It is enough to Be” about the late Prof. Jacek Luczak, founder of the “Palium” nursing home for the elderly in Poznan.

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